-  Dr. Stephen McKeown
CEO, Analytics Engines

Speaking at the event, Analytics Engines Chief Executive Officer, Dr Stephen McKeown commented on the win – “We’re delighted to accept this award. For a Belfast based technology company, this represents a major endorsement from the very heart of the global technology industry.  The ITLG not only provides exposure to some of the world’s biggest companies and financiers, but they provide the support needed to build and develop a business on a global scale."

-  Dr. R.S. Saffie-Siebert
Managing Director, SiSaf Ltd.


"When the ITLG took us under their umbrella, they helped us build a better and more experienced team, helped us focus on a short term plan without ignoring our long term vision, and created a strong and healthy network of contacts around us. They made sure we interacted with the right people with huge VCs contacts, so instead of wasting our time with chasing the wrong contacts, we were able to spend more time on our technology. Looking back on the past year, I can see how much SiSaf has benefitted from ITLG's support.

If you believe your technology is the next big thing then ITLG's multidisciplinary team has the expertise and contacts to turn your invention into revenue. They are there to help and open doors that you thought were closed. The ITLG are an important reason why we are moving forward so successfully

-  Peter Smyth
Founder & CEO, Redmere

“The ITLG is a formidable group of executives which has put its collective knowledge and energy into backing Irish tech. Within a very short time of engaging with RedMere the ITLG had delivered on promised networking opportunities with key customers and advisers – with the emphasis on real delivery.”