Established in October 2007 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, the Irish Technology Leadership Group is a non-profit organization comprised of senior executives from some of the world's leading corporations, each of whom is committed to promoting the technology connection between Ireland, Silicon Valley and USA. Our network of 20,000 Irish diaspora has four key focus areas of supporting:

Entrepreneurship, Female Leadership, Young Innovators and Education


Strategic Trends

Through quarterly and annual events and around-the-clock content, we keep technology leaders informed of emerging strategic trends so your company stays plugged into global opportunities and threats.


Leadership Development

We create mentoring opportunities for female graduates and for youth leaders as part of the Women's Leadership and Young Innovators Program. Each provides support and guidance through mentoring opportunities and skills development through in person events. 


Peer to Peer Networking

Exclusive peer-to-peer networking forums to enable the sharing of strategic trends, best practices, and opportunities amongst our community of technology executives and leaders.


The Silicon Valley 50 highlights the top 50 Irish or Irish-American executives making a significant impact in and around Silicon Valley within their field of technology. These individuals exhibit the creativity, intelligence, dedication and determination necessary to compete and succeed in the competitive world of technology.

Our events docket include talks from industry leaders discussing the most relevant and pertinent emerging strategic trends to assist you in developing your personal brand, network, and company.