Women's Leadership Group

The objectives of the group will be to create mentoring opportunities for female graduates who are pursuing technology careers, mentor matching for female entrepreneurs and for women who are seeking corporate leadership roles, and to provide support, guidance, and insight for female led technology start-ups.

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The ITLG Young Innovators event is designed to help in the development of key skills needed to meet the requirements of a competitive, innovative and entrepreneurial economy – namely; Problem/Opportunity Finding & Solution Development, Leadership & Communication skills as well as helping to develop an awareness as to the future possibilities of technology and the sciences.


Diaspora 2016

One hundred top-ranking business chiefs from around the world are to offer to help run Irish state agencies free of charge. Under plans revealed by expatriate technology bosses in Silicon Valley, leading lights from the Irish community overseas will even travel at their own cost to sit on public sector boards. Once a list of 100 leaders has been completed, it will be made public and handed to the Government, which will be asked to match an individual's experience with a relevant board.

Silicon Valley 50

The "Silicon Valley 50", will highlight the top 50 Irish or Irish-American executives making a significant impact in and around Silicon Valley within their field of technology. These individuals exhibit the creativity, intelligence, dedication and determination necessary to compete and succeed in the competitive world of technology.

Network Events

The ITLG hosts a variety of events both in Ireland and Silicon Valley designed to foster alliances between Irish-based companies, business leaders and government officials and Silicon Valley.


Many ITLG events include seminars where members engage in discussions alongside industry leaders and experts on a variety of issues related to specific fields of technology.

Mentorship Program

The ITLG Silicon Valley Mentorship Program offers a unique opportunity to provide mentoring and invaluable hands-on experience to participants, working at a U.S. technology corporation for one year. In addition to securing exclusive placement for promising Irish postgraduate students in the world's technology capital, the program provides individual mentorship and coaching from the group's top-level executives. The objective of the Program is to position participants to return to Ireland with the skills and experience necessary to start businesses, and to foster the growth and development of tomorrow's executives in their native communities. High performing individuals from a wide range of academic disciplines including computer science, business, project management and software development, that have shown an interest in entrepreneurship and technology management, will be encouraged to apply.


Technology Awards

Each year the ITLG, in conjunction with the Irish Times, awards an Irish start-up company with the "Top Technology" award and another with the "Most Promising Technology Company" award during the annual ITLG Silicon Valley Awards Event in the spring. The winners are connected with Silicon Valley executives and venture capitalists to further support their growth.


University Challenge

The universities within Ireland are invited to submit their top technology idea to a panel for review. The winner is awarded a cash prize and invited to attend the Silicon Valley Awards Event in the spring where they are introduced to Silicon Valley executives and venture capitalists to further support their growth.